3M DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes for Walls, Surfaces and Refinishing

3M DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes makes remodeling, redecorating, and refreshing interiors as simple as applying a vinyl overlay. Consider the amazing transformation that color-change wraps do for cars, trucks, and buses …DI-NOC brings that same transformative magic to interior and exterior surfaces and spaces in the construction and architectural worlds.

What is 3M DI-NOC?

3M DI-NOC Architectural Finishes are highly specialized self-adhesive surface films that can be easily applied, on-site, and can conform to flat and some dimensional surfaces.  

Walls, ceilings, cabinetry, elevators, doors, and myriad fixtures are all excellent candidates to be renewed and refreshed quickly, cleanly, and quietly, using 3M DI-NOC Finishes.  

3M DI-NOC finishes come in a wide variety, with almost 1000 patterns and finishes to choose from.  

You are able to make almost any surface look like highly finished metals, luxurious woods, abstract surface finishes, elegant solids and tones, and impeccably sophisticated stone with a clean and quick installation. 

In addition, this advanced product technology means that 3M’s Authorized Dealers are able to resurface your walls and furniture on-site, with little disruption to your daily operations… no downtime for your business, or displacement for your staff.  

If you are looking for a cost-effective means to transform any space with less downtime, labor, and waste, 3M DI-NOC makes it possible. 

Types of 3M Di-NOC Finishes for Walls and Surfaces

While all 3M Di-NOC finishes are both popular and attractive, some of these finishes really stand out above the rest, so let’s have a quick look at the most requested finishes.  

3M DI-NOC Woods, Wood Grain, Fine Wood, Dry Wood and Premier Wood Series

DI-NOC Architectural Finishes were originally created in 1947 as a replacement for the natural wood panels on “Woodie” style station wagons and vans. This linage means that DI-NOC Architectural Finishes are tough and durable, while accurately resembling the natural look of wood in various surface finishes, grains and patterns. These specialized wood finishes will give your walls and surfaces a luxurious, realistic appeal that seamlessly fits into properties with impeccable interior finishes and designs.

Do you have an ancient Formica style reception desk or possibly a conference room table that are in need of a refresh? With DI-NOC, you can update the look and feel of a space with little or no disruption to your busy staff.  

3M DI-NOC wood finishes are pressure-sensitive and can be used to resurface lobbies, partitions, elevators, furniture, ceilings, walls and myriad other surfaces. The application process is both clean and dry, and transforming your space can be simple and straightforward. DI-NOC films are long-lasting and simple to maintain. From a maintenance perspective, you can clean this wood-like finish with any typical cleaning agent without fear of damaging the surface. 

Here is an example of a luxury motor home interior after it was completely refinished using DI-NOC films. It’s a great example of the transformation that can take place in your space!



3M Di-NOC Single Color

If you are looking for a straightforward and durable finish that offers sleek curb appeal on the internal or external surfaces within your building, then 3M’s line of single-color finishes will do the trick.

3M DI-NOC films offer immaculate architectural details thanks its self-adhesive ability and light weight.  This allows you to easily deploy these finishes rapidly to many existing substrates, allowing you to reduce your material and labor costs for retrofit significantly.

Avoid the hassles and mess of painting, which will save you money AND reduce downtime required over other traditional methods. Delivering a new look at low cost without compromising on the aesthetics of your furniture, fixtures, or building exterior while saving you downtime and hassle is a true win-win.

DI-NOC is deployed by a dry application system for minimum mess, and can be used on ceilings, walls, partitions, elevators, furniture and more.

3M Di-NOC – Metallic Finish

From simple stainless-steel looks to advanced metallic textures, you can get a wide selection of 3M DI NOC surface finishes for remodeling and redecorating. These metallic finishes are durable and ideal for both interior and exterior use. They come with certifications for IMO standards and flammability. The film’s overall thickness is about eight mils, making them a perfect candidate for outdoor weathering films.  

The maintenance requires minimal effort. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the long-lasting benefits of these sturdy and visually pleasing realistic metallic-looking surface finishes.  



This is a good illustration of what those metallic finish options can do to refresh an outdated elevator-a perfect application: 

3M Di-NOC – Abstract Finishes

Abstract finishes are quite popular in today’s modern design climate, frequently used in institutional settings, in healthcare as well as corporate offices. Studies studies show that abstract design in spaces can ignite cognitive functionality making the mind more creative.  

Deploying DI-NOC finished can help your employees subconsciously tap into their creative pool and think outside the box, encouraging new ideas and problem-solving techniques. 3M DI-NOC finishes can also help create some of the most detailed and creative surfaces, helping define and shape your company’s brand, environment and décor.  

Give your office a contemporary look by selecting from our many DI-NOC abstract finishes.


Does your building’s exterior look dated or worn out?

Our 3M Di-NOC exterior finish films can rejuvenate the exterior OR the interior of your building, giving it that modern look of concrete or other cutting edge  materials such as Cor-Ten Steel!

It’s a great alternative to actually getting your walls, floors and other surface areas skimmed, patched or re-done the traditional way.  



Exterior finish architectural films are not exclusively for exterior use, they can deploy both inside or outside with the ability refinish many surfaces. Our finishes feature pressure-sensitive adhesive using 3M’s proprietary adhesive technology for a firm and long-lasting bond.  

Opportunities in modern office spaces could be updating columns in your lobby, feature wall panels in your foyer or entryway, surfacing planters or other decor based around your building and myriad other situations. Reach out today for a free consultation by one of our experienced product experts. 



3M Di-NOC finishes are gaining popularity as an affordable alternative for refurbishment, remodeling, and resurfacing. If you are a commercial building owner, facility manager, property manager or interior designer seeking cutting edge wall and surface finishes, we at TintTampaBay offer a wide selection of 3M DI-NOC finishes.  

Our firm is licensed and insured and our installation technicians are certified in the most modern installation technique, providing you the right advice on which type of these cutting-edge finishes will suit your needs as well as your budget.  

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