Professional Residential & Commercial Window Tinting
and Architectural Film Resurfacing


Our Process Is Second To None.

Window tinting for homes, offices and commercial buildings IS a big part of what we do.

You can conserve energy, save money and in many cases improve employee morale with the right commercial window tinting. And you’ll definitely save money and get some piece of mind with our application of tint or 3M security films for your home. 

But the latest innovations in architectural films are taking the Tampa Bay area by storm too! We can actually resurface walls, cabinets, reception areas, elevators… and the OUTSIDE of buildings with the the latest advances in vinyl. With incredible results. 

Office glass, frosting for privacy, tinting and security and surface transformations – that’s what Tint by Masters Gulf Coast can bring to your next project.

No matter how large or small your project is, we guarantee you’ll be more than satisfied. Whether it’s window tinting for home or office, privacy glass treatments or 3M™ DI-NOC™ Architectural films – you’ll get fast, professional installation and service. 

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Residential Window Tinting

Lower energy costs, reduce glare and help stop fading furniture and floors with 3M™ Window Film. 3M home tint is scientifically designed to improve the overall comfort of your home while allowing you to enjoy the natural light.

Commercial Window Tinting and Privacy Glass

Lower heating and cooling costs, reduce fading furniture and floors, add a layer of security and improve overall comfort within your facility or business. Installed on commercial property globally, 3M™ Window Film is backed by a strong warranty and scientifically proven to last.


Transform your space with 3M™ Architectural and Glass Finishes. These decorative films add style, privacy and a new look in any space. 3M™ DI-NOC™ transforms any existing hard surface at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Meanwhile, add style to your windows with 3M™ Fasara™.


Don't worry, we've been working with homeowners, business owners, designers and architects for over 15 years. So we know we'll need to not just offer the latest in materials, but help you choose the ones that meet your needs and project specifications. AND explain the how and why.


There’s no guesswork in window tinting or surface remodeling. So, once we’ve consulted with you on your project, you’ll get a detailed, no surprises, all in one price to complete the job. The pricing will come in print or by email and is followed up with an in-person review of any questions you have.


Our installers will be prompt, professionally dressed and ready to tackle your job when they arrive. They will use drop cloths, booties where applicable and clean up after themselves after installation. We'll even file the warranty paperwork on your behalf.

Tampa Bay Authorized Dealer


Not just anyone in the business can say they are a 3M™ Authorized Dealer! We are part of the elite 3M™ Prestige Dealer Network, which means we can offer you a variety of products and have the knowledge and expertise for installation. 

Not only does 3M offer the most durable and time-proven solutions, they also back them 100% with their outstanding warranty.



Ask us about 3M™ Architectural and Glass Finishes, including 3M’s Fasara™ and DI-NOC™ products. 

We are experts in decorative films and finishes, which can transform the look of glass and architectural surfaces at a fraction of the cost of actual material.

Our Clients


The answer is experience. We have been tinting and servicing the Tampa Bay area for over 15 years. As a Premier 3M™ Authorized Prestige Dealer, we have an extensive knowledge of 3M products and adhesives and can assist with any commercial and home project