How to give your hotel rooms a makeover without construction

3M Di-Noc Architectural Films can be used to remodel a hotel suite quickly, easily and under budget. The specialty films can be applied directly to non-porous surfaces, providing a high-quality finish look, that is beautiful, durable and easy to maintain.

With over 300 patterns and finishes available, the films can be applied to create a variety of looks, from traditional to contemporary. The films are moisture resistant, making them ideal exterior and interior applications. Re-surface existing worn-out kitchenettesfor a new look. 

Improving and Maintaining Guest Experience

Construction can be a major disruption to hotel guests, and loss of sales. The noise, dust and disruptions to access can all lead to unhappy guests even on floors that are unaffected by actual construction. 

As you probably know of course, because if you’re in construction you already expect lower reviews and to move guests from room to room or to alternate floors.

But the more you delay a project the more it impacts your reviews and revenue too. When hotel guests enter their room, they should feel like they are entering a space that is clean, comfortable and updated. A refresh also allows you demand higher prices.

Hotel re-branding and property sales often require an update to the look, to reflect the new brand. The substrates are in good condition, no need to remove and replace. It is our mission to help save those assets within a space, and offer a better solution. 

Using 3M Di-Noc Architectural Films for Hotel Room Renovations

Using this rapid resurfacing technique can solve a myriad of issues and make a real impact on customer experience AND your bottom line as a hotel manager or owner.

Reducing Hotel Suite Remodeling Costs - Materials

Because these films are applied to just about any flat surface there’s typically no reason to replace furniture.

That’s right. Unless it’s actually broken in some way or the upholstery needs to be updated, a talented installer can resurface almost any piece of furniture including:

Bathroom Remodels Included

You wouldn’t resurface a bathtub with DI_NOC (TM), but the walls and decor, the bathroom countertop and doors are fair game. And if you have a glass shower enclosure you can add privacy or decorative films to that as well.

Doors and Windows

One of the easiest ways to make a big impact on the exterior of a hotel room is to upgrade the doors with Di-Noc architectural films. Go from old, yellowing wood look to new exotics or even metal-look surfaces.

That can be done with the door IN PLACE.

The windows can get a big upgrade just by applying Di-Noc to the mullions! Imagine ditching that old, gray aluminum look with mahogany or some other exotic wood look!

In these 3 areas alone you’ve potentially saved THOUSANDS of dollars on replacing furniture, doors, and windows.

Reducing Hotel Suite Remodeling Costs - Staying OPEN

One of the biggest costs in any hotel remodel is the process of shutting down an entire floor of the hotel so it can be remodeled. You’re losing x % of your business because you can’t sell ANY of the rooms on the floor that’s being worked on.

The reasons for that should be pretty obvious if you’ve been through the process before:

That is NOT the case with using Din-Noc architectural films to do rapid resurfacing.

There’s no demolition. Everything there stays in place so there’s noise.

Since nothing is being removed from the suites, there’s no dust or debris clogging hallways or impeding guests.

Typically, one or 2 people can work in one room at a time so no construction crews are involved.

The installer’s primary tools are basically rulers and razor knives. There’s more, of course, but nothing close to the collection of power tools a normal construction crew would need.

Reducing Hotel Suite Remodeling Costs - Zero Waste

These Zero Waste remodels do several things for your business.

First and most obviously, there’s no cost for construction waste removal. That’s no line-item cost for dumpsters and landfill fees. And no charge for the extensive labor involved with trash removal at scale.

And second, because there’s no contribution to local landfills, you have a significantly GREENER footprint in your community.

Besides the actual environmental impact, you can get some real benefits from marketing your green renovations!

The best way to remodel your hotel suites is 3M Di-Noc Architectural Films

It should be clear by now that using Di-Noc architectural films for hotel room renovations can save you thousands of dollars on replacement furniture, doors and windows.

As well as help you maintain a great guest experience during the renovation.

This rapid resurfacing technique can also help reduce the cost of shutting down an entire floor of the hotel for remodeling. Additionally, zero waste remodels can help you create a greener footprint for your hospitality business.

Learn more about what it’s like to use rapid resurfacing in your next project by reaching out to one of designer professionals today!

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