Commercial Door Repair and Remodeling

At TintbyMasters Gulf Coast, we specialize in commercial door repair using the best quality materials from 3M. We have years of experience and are passionate about providing our customers with the best possible service.

We offer a variety of services including Dinoc architectural film resurfacing plus 3M frosted glass and window tinting.

What is commercial door repair or resurfacing?

Commercial door repair is the process of repairing or resurfacing commercial doors using high quality materials. This can include anything from replacing damaged parts to fixing scratches and dents.

In our case, we can offer IN-PLACE resurfacing of even internal fire doors, making them look even better than new. All using Dinoc films from 3M.

This process is fast and straightforward. And it’s so important to have commercial doors repaired so they lok their best and to avoid further damage and to maintain the appearance of your business.

It’s important to note that we do not do mechanical repairs! Think of us as commercial door remodelers.

Why do you need commercial door resurfacing?

There are many reasons why you may need commercial door repair or resurfacing. In many cases doors in high traffic areas take a lot of abuse over time.

Some of our clients include hospitals and medical facilities with swinging doors between areas that get banged by gurneys and equipment regularly. Schools, Universities and Colleges also see a LOT of traffic that takes a toll on the finish of doors.

Even glass doors in retail or office locations suffer from use over time.

door repair
door wood grain look

But there are 4 main reasons that most people, businesses and building owners decide hire a qualified 3M Dinoc Films installer to resurface commercial doors rather than replace them.

#1: It’s an entirely GREEN process – nothing is removed, nothing goes to landfill.


Zero landfill is an important goal for TintbyMasters Gulf Coast projects. We’re passionate about reducing waste in the construction and remodeling industries in the Tampa Bay area.

And the way we do that is by helping businesses realize that the don’t have to replace commercial doors. They can resurface them – which means that old door doesn’t end up in a landfill.

#2: It’s an environmentally conscious process


By resurfacing commercial doors rather than replacing them we help preserve our planet’s resources. And that’s something we can all feel good about.

You can choose from a wide variety of metal looks OR mimic an even bigger selection of common and exotic woods. Get the look you want without the additional environmental impact!

#3: No inspections or recertification is required


While every county, municipality and region have different rules, many require you to have new fire-rated doors inspected. Even if it’s a 1:1 replacement.

No so with our commercial door resurfacing! We don’t even have to remove the door from the hinges in most cases!

#4: Your Options are [almost] Endless


You can let your imagination run wild with our materials options. 

Make your new door look like wood, marble, metal, geometric designs OR add custom branding – see just a few examples:

Interior Design Projects and Door Replacement and Repair

But one of the biggest motivations for our customers is that they’re going through a commercial remodeling project and are looking for design solutions.

This is where our company having access to the widest variety of architectural films and an actual commercial space interior designer on staff really makes the difference.

Because with dinoc films from 3M we can give any surface almost any look you can imagine. Like this facility at St. Leo’s College that wanted a high impact, exotic wood look:

Or this hotel room  that wanted to transform the feel of their rooms without having to close entire floors for construction:

That’s how we’ve ended up resurfacing everything from commercial doors, to elevator cars, reception desks, lobbies, doors AND window mullions all over the Tampa Bay area!

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