Commercial Window Tinting: Types and Benefits

Business owners always appreciate an idea that can save them money.  And keeping keeping their offices and commercial buildings low in energy costs and high in tenancy rates does that.

Commercial window tinting is a cost-effective technology that can help you achieve both goals. Plus adding value to a long-term investment.

Commercial window tinting not only protects your employees from the harsh UV rays but also prevents intense heat from penetrating the building. This can help you reduce your energy bills and avoid the buildup of hot pockets in parts of your premises.

So, let us find out what options are available out there when it comes to commercial window tints.

Types of Commercial Window Tinting

There are three types of films that you can choose for commercial window tinting.

Solar Tints

Solar Film example

While windows are the best way to let the sunlight into your building or offer a view of the outdoor landscape, they can also be a distraction.

For example, glare from sunlight reflecting off the shiny surfaces such as computer screens can be quite irritating for the employees.

And we’ve all seen the effects of heat in an office. 

Solar tints are a perfect solution! They block the sunlight to allow a certain amount of light to pass through while also preserving the outside view and reducing heat.

There are three types of solar films available for commercial window tinting.

Decorative Tints

Decorative Tint

These commercial window tinting films are do 3 things: beautify the building, protect privacy and make your space more energy efficient. 

Let’s take a look at your decorative tint options: 

Security Tints

Security Film example

Well, they are known as security and/or safety tints for a reason. Apart from saving energy and boosting a building’s appearance, they can also act as a protective shield against vandalism, accidental collisions, break-ins, and graffiti.

Depending upon the type of the film you use for the tints, these tints can guard you against various window glass-associated damages.

Using the right type of the window film is not only scratch-resistant but also prevents the glass from shattering upon collision or damage. These films also eliminate any incidents of glass splattering in the air, injuring your employees.

The thickness of Commercial Window Films

Typically you can get a commercial window tint film in 1 mil to 2 mil thickness, which is adequate enough to protect you against the sunlight and offer privacy at the same time.

 If you are looking for a tint film that offers more than just blocking the sunlight and view, then a 3M window film technology is the most cutting-edge option available out there.

Why a 3M Film for Commercial Window Tinting

While a 1M or 2M film is enough to block the light and aesthetic enhancements, here are some added benefits that make 3M Window films worth their price tag.

They Are Safer & Secure

Any extreme impact to your building’s window due to accidents, explosions, or natural disasters can shatter the glass and injure your employees. A 3M film is fully capable of holding the broken or shattered glass together. This way, you can eliminate incidents of flying glass shards injuring anyone.

From a security perspective, you can protect your equipment and valuable assets from outside threats such as vandalism, forced entries, vehicle collisions, etc.

Improved Temperature Control

If your commercial building is in a location that experiences extreme temperatures, 3M films can help increase the indoor comfort level by eliminating hot or cold spots.


This is probably the most significant factor that makes 3M films an obvious choice for commercial window tinting. They can help lower your utility bills by reducing the amount of sunlight penetrating your building’s windows.

The money you save on bills will help you recover the cost of window tints, so they kind of pay for themselves. If you are an eco-friendly individual or organization, reducing your energy consumption due to 3M films will help reduce your carbon emissions.

You become eligible for LEED credits, a credit-based program that awards points to businesses and buildings. You receive ratings for being a green building based on compliance with several aspects of sustainability

Improved Appearance and Privacy

3M technology comes with aesthetic enhancements in the form of various glass finishes. Now you can create an expensive look on your window glass instead of buying expensive window glass panels. From an etched and cut design to sandblasted look, you can create the appearance you desire for your commercial space internally and externally.


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