Window Tinting for Homes: Why Tinting Makes Sense

Most people mistakenly believe tinting to be a cling film solution for their vehicles when you can use it on any type of window. However, you can reap numerous benefits by using Window tint on house. Window tinting is a process that involves applying a transparent and self-adhesive film to the window glass.

Window Tinting for Homes

There are a LOT of reasons that people add window tinting to their homes. 

If you live in a high rise condo in the Tampa Bay area some kind of solar protection is a must.

Have a home with ground floor windows, or concerned about hurricane season? Security films can give you some real peace of mind.

Privacy films and reflective ones may also be good ways to just enhance your lifestyle. 

There are basically three main categories of window tinting available out there, which are:

Why Window Tint on House is a Good Investment

Window tinting comes with many benefits that make it a sensible product for homes. Adding the right type of Window tint on house will offer an ongoing advantage for many years to come.

Enhancing the Curb Appeal

Your home is not just a house, but also a place that provides a sense of personal and financial security to you and your loved ones. One way to improve your home's value is to enhance its curb appeal.

And window tinting can be a quick and easy upgrade that may save you from having to replace your windows. Opting to use Window tint on house not only offers protection but creates a long-lasting aesthetic enhancement that requires minimum maintenance.

Offering Privacy

The right window tint helps you retain your privacy! St. Petersburg, Tampa and surrounding areas are in the heart of the "Sunshine State". And no one wants to keep blinds or heavy drapes closed.

That can often conflict with privacy and security concerns. The right window treatments can help you maintain privacy and still enjoy the sunshine.

But that said, window tints do not have to be boring. They come in a variety of decorative colors, patterns, and designs.

From etched patterns to stained glass and frosted look, you can choose window tint for your home to increase security without compromising its aesthetic appeal. Beca

Helping You Save

You can save TONS of money with the right solar film installation. That may not be an exact figure, but our customers can attest to the big savings on energy bills.

On hot days tinted windows will reduce your air conditioning use by rejecting the sun’s heat from penetrating the house. This will help you maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without having to run the AC on full blast.

No More Glare

Nothing is more irritating than light reflecting off of your TV or computer screen. The glare of sunlight on your electronic devices is just annoying, and can ruin the viewing experience .

Of course, you CAN use curtains and blinds, but they block the sunlight completely and leave you in pitch black darkness during the day.

Window tints get rid of the glare while keeping your rooms well-lit at all times.

Solar Protection

From a health perspective, a Window tint on house can protect you and your loved ones from the sun's ultraviolet rays. The UV rays can also damage your electronics, furnishings, and fabrics. Window tints will eliminate their exposure to harmful sun rays reducing your repair and maintenance costs.

Protect Your Investment with Security Films

If you have expensive window glasses, then adding tints to them will give them added protection. Window tint will be an extra layer to protect your glasses from external damaging factors such as extreme weather conditions, vandalism, or impact.

Low Maintenance

Once you apply the Window tint on house, it is going to last for many years to come. Typically you get window tint films and products with warranties covering you for a certain number of years. That said, window tinting films can outlive their warranties for a decade or two with ease.

The best part about window tinting is that you barely need to do anything to maintain them. Simply clean your windows as you normally would. The only precautionary tip is to abstain from using any abrasive towel or rough material that may scratch or damage the layer of film on your home windows.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Window Tint

Here are a few things to consider when buying the right type of window tint for your home.

Is Window Tint on House Worth It?

Yes, it is!

This is truer in case you have old windows. The old window glasses did not have low-emissivity (Low-E) properties. By tinting your older windows, you will boost your home’s energy-saving as these tints will retain indoor heat during winters and keep the heat out on hot days.

If you are a homeowner in the Tampa Bay area looking for window tinting services, we at TintTampaBay offer top-notch options and services. Our team of window tinting experts will not only help you choose the tint that suits your taste and home design but, most importantly, your budget.

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