9 Reasons to Remodel Using 3M Di-Noc Films

3M Di-Noc films gives us that ability to completely transform a room, wall, ceiling, table, desk, elevator, door – or any other flat surface. Providing a new, beautiful result without worry, wait or mess.

We call that Rapid Refinishing.

But those are just the Cliff notes! Here are the 10 Reasons to use 3M Di-Noc to refinish your commercial or residential space:

3M Di-Noc Films Remodeling Advantages

Drastically reduced construction time

Honestly, we shouldn’t even call lit “construction” time. Because there are only 3 similarities between how we install these architectural films and a construction project:

  1. We often use a ladder
  2. It looks amazing when it’s finished

We can accomplish in a matter of hours or days what it would take a construction/remodeling crew a week or months to do.

No permits to be pulled

Rarely does a rapid remodel need a permit. And with the construction boom happening right now, particularly in Florida, getting a permit can take WEEKS.

Sure, that goes to drastically reducing construction time, but those projects can be held up for a month or more waiting for permits. Not with TintbyMasters Gulf Coast and rapid remodeling!

Use your space while you remodel

Have you been through a remodel? Even a home remodel of a bathroom or kitchen will cause chaos if you’re living there.

It’s even worse when you’re trying to update a busy lobby, well used conference room or anywhere a customer sees or a worker works.

Why is it worse?

Because construction inconveniences your customers – they may not even come in the front door.

And it disrupts your workers, who become frustrated and less productive.

Those things hit your bottom line a lot more than not being able to use your home space!

Wood can be a problem

If you live in the Tampa Bay or Central Florida region you know the impact of humidity, rain and water on wood. Humidity levels can be damaging even on interior spaces.

Di-Noc films allow you to make granite, metal and other water impervious materials LOOK like wood.

That means you get to keep your design but avoid replacing a wood project every few years.

Make more economical materials look high end

Attention interior designers and architects!

Your customer may way WANT that Wenge boardroom table. Or stone countertops. Or metal custom cabinets or any number of things that are out of their budget.

But you CAN offer them an incredibly polished, high end look with one of the 3M Di-Noc resurfacing film choices. They’ll get the look they want at a price they can afford.

And you’ll be a hero for making that happen!

Save the environment – reduce waste

That dumpster outside an office remodel project is full of waste.

Perfectly good work desks that are getting tossed to make room for something more modern looking.

Metal and wooden chairs that are chipped and cracked.

Storage cabinets, reception desks and even what were once VERY expensive custom display cases.

There’s a real possibility that if you choose a rapid remodel with architectural films that dumpster stays empty!

Which brings us to…

Save THOUSANDS of dollars

Everything you refinish represents money savings.

You’re saving money in construction costs. And in replacement materials. Just take a quick peak at the dumpster outside an office remodel and estimate how much all that cost to replace!

Every desk = $350 and WAY up

Every conference table = thousands Partition walls. Wall panels. All the breakroom cabinets. The reception area furniture.

It all adds up to wasting thousands of dollars.

Have more CHOICES

274 different looks. Different finishes. Opportunities for transforming your space.

Can you imagine having that many choices to surface almost anything in your home of office – and be able to make just one phone call to do that?

One company you can hire to cover your walls with leather, make your conference table look like an exotic wood and add an abstract pattern to your reception desk?

Medical Remodeling

If you’re remodeling a sensitive area – like a hospital room – or piece of equipment like a wall mounted bed head unit – you probably already know the issues.

  1. Bed space is very valuable! And to be without it during a remodel can reduce the quality of care.
  2. Construction effects everything. Just imagine you want to upgrade the look of a nursing station on a busy floor. Can you imagine the mess? The disruption
  3. Equipment like a bed head unit needs recertified. Remove a bed head unit to replace it, recover it, update it – for any reason – and you need to have it recertified.

It’s issues like these that keep older hospitals and other medical facilities LOOKING older.

Rapid refinishing using 3M Di-Noc films? Allows you to update your facility and avoid the issues!

Here’s what’s next

If you are considering a remodeling project, working with an interior designer or planning to upgrade a commercial space, contact us now. We can save you time, money and mess! Call 727-551-0506 or 813-571-5750. Or fill out our form to schedule a free no-obligation consultation with one of our window tints experts.

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