Office Window Tinting & Frosted Office Glass

Creative Privacy Films for Your Commercial Space

Office window tinting is not an option in Florida.

You absolutely need to protect your furniture, flooring, your employees and your wallet from the costs of harmful UV rays. And you can get similar materials to UV film that makes a big difference INSIDE your office too.

You can learn more about office window tinting to provide sun protection here: Commercial Window Tinting Types and Benefits

Read on for what Office Window Tinting can do for the INSIDE of your facility.

What Does a Frosted Office Glass Film Do?

A frosted office glass film is a self-adhesive and potentially creative privacy film for your commercial space.

These films provide privacy by giving your office glass  a sand-blasted or acid-etched glazing. As a result, it prevents or restricts the view from both sides of the glass.

You’ll often see frosted glass tint used to separate areas within an office. But it is also often used to do the same for the exterior of a building.

Here’s a great example of a darker frosted tint. It’s actually INSIDE the lobby of a building.

But it provides privacy in the same way an exterior office tint would.

Update or Transform your Office Space

We’ll show you several examples of how our office window tinting can transform a space below.

Branded Décor

Whether your office floor has lots of glass windows, walls, or doors, you can use them as a perfect canvas to add some official branding.

This kind of branding is a favorite with national corporations. That’s actually easy for us to replicate in even a modest office space.

One of the most straightforward ideas of branding décor on frosted office glass is choosing to incorporate your company’s logo. But you can also add company motto, or core values on the customized frosted films.

This way, you will be able to not only make use of the blank glass panels in your office, but also bring a character to the entire environment.

Because Tint by Masters Gulf Coast is a 3M Prestige dealer and certified installer can work with you to recreate your logo in frosted film. Or work with an interior designer or architect to get the perfect look.

You can literally create personalized branded frosted glass films on request.

Just think what this will say about your business to visitors, customers and employees!

Abstract Designs in Office Window Tinting

Abstract designs on frosted office glass are perfect if you wish to add personality to your space. And to achieve the privacy you’re looking for with a little more style than your staff might expect.  

You can even go with a combination of abstract designs along with your brand’s logo and color scheme. Plus, you can even customize abstract art that goes with your office décor or theme.

According to a study, abstract artworks efficiently free your brain from the dominant perception of reality. It subconsciously pushes your mind to explore the yet undiscovered aspects of how your brain. You start perceiving and viewing things differently and use new approaches to solve the problems at hand.

We’re not saying that frosted office glass with an abstract design will solve ALL of your problems – but it could help in more ways than one!

Structured Design

In case you are a workplace that wants the employees to focus on their work without any distractions, then structured designs are a good choice for creative privacy films for your commercial space. The cleanly shaped boxes and straight lines can help you give your office windows a decorative design that poses no distraction whatsoever.

These structured frosted films are also a great way to give your office a more corporate look. For example, if you are a law firm or a financial organization, then structured design on frosted office glass will give your office a look of creativity with elegance.

Although, you always have an option to also go for any other designs than straight lines or boxes. It can be any other geometrical shapes that may go with your office design or décor.

Business Privacy Glass

This one is where you can literally go berserk with your creative juices flowing in every possible business direction.

For example, you are a business that is constantly evolving its strategies and offering new products and services. In this case, you can use customized frosted office glass to print your new objectives, quotes, product and service announcements, and advertisements.

Not just that, you can also use the frosting films to create colorful visual business-related messaging and infographics. The best part is that sky is the limit when it comes to brand-focused ideas that you can put on a window film in the office.

From the Fashion industry putting on sales promotions and graphical representation for upcoming holidays to announcing new product launches, you can use frost glass films on the exterior office windows.

This is a cheap and one of the most effective ways to advertise your brand and products directly to the target audience.

Office Window Tinting Near Me

The pattern and style you wish to choose from the above-mentioned categories depend on the nature of your business. And the options you get are dependent on the variety offered by the film’s providing company.

That’s why it is essential that you choose the right company not just to provide the product, but to do the installation as well.

Frosted window tinting films can give your commercial space a touch of creativity and privacy that you cannot afford to ignore! So when you’re ready for redesigning or renovation, contact us at 813-571-5750 or fill our online form for your free initial consultation with our creative team.

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