Don’t Replace Your Doors | Resurface Them

There is no time for down-time. 

Construction material shortages and increased costs are a firm reality. Supply chains are stressed for reasons known.

With project schedules and shortage on labor, alternate methods for commercial space renovations are in high demand.

5 Critical Factors with Commercial Interior Renovations

And with these shared challenges, building owners and builders are facing overall increased costs, extended construction timelines, and skilled labor shortages. All while trying to efficiently manage their projects and power through to completion.

The Cost of Rip & Replace of Doors and more

But those 5 things and the headaches they cause aren’t the only issues in a traditional remodel. There are long-term consequences for your business AND the environment.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that 230 million to 530 million tons of construction & demolition (C&D) debris are produced nationwide each year in the United States.

In a study done by the Northeast Recycling Council on the state of construction & demolition recycling efforts, of 49 states and DC, 28% have a C&D material disposal ban or recycle requirement.

This will only get stricter with time and landfill limitations.

Tenant and client satisfaction is always a priority for operations. Renovation during normal business hours affects accessibility for guests and constant noise distractions take a strain on all individuals.

Even AFTER a traditional renovation, the lack of quality of air is of the highest complaint as finish materials like paint, lacquer and wood stains are offensive and physically disruptive to tenants and clients.

Security must also be addressed during demolition. Removing suite doors of the hinge during remodeling leaving tenants and their possessions exposed.

Construction and building managers want to salvage existing materials but testing new finishes on existing wood has been a limitation.

A traditional method of refinishing any wood door always had an eluded mystery of what the final finish would look like. Consistent or blotchy?

If the substrates are perfectly fine, but the finish is not acceptable, there IS a solution that is beautiful and cost effective: DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes.

For substrates in good condition, such as interior doors and millwork, transformations can happen fast.

As an industry, have we fully stepped-up and supported salvage and reuse solutions? We can strengthen Diversion, a practice of diverting waste from disposal in a landfill, by means of eliminating or minimizing waste, or reuse of materials through our selective specifications…

Sustainable Transformations are Taking Place

A typical solid-core door contributes approx. 40 lbs. to the landfill. 

Add demolition labor cost for disposal per door, then replaced by delivery and installation of new door, or labor to refinish. That is only one door!

A fire-rated door costs more and has finish limitations.

Want to take a fire-rated metal door-while in place to a teak wood finish?

In less than 30 minutes?

With no construction waste?

That can all happen with DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes professionally installed by us!

Finish Matching

Finish matching is always a challenge in a renovation.

Imagine your doors match your millwork desk, columns, and elevator cabs. With no need to match stains.

And what if you could refinish your doors without taking them off the hinges while changing the finish?

Benefits of using 3M DI-NOC™ Architectural Film:


Win big points in the sustainable and design solutions is with implementing 3M DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes.

And it’s not only something that has been used successfully in a wide variety of building and architectural applications – it’s won awards for reduced C & D waste and gained LEED credits.

Integrating LEED into your project can gain credits in Material Reuse and Building Reuse. As an industry, have we actively supported salvage and reuse solutions?

We can strengthen Diversion where Salvage, Refurbish, Recycle and Reuse are priorities, which include: doors and windows, salvaged paneling, cabinetry, and beams.

Wall panels and architectural ceiling features are extremely efficient – and the results are beautiful – with DI-NOC™ solutions.

See our latest door Installations:

door repair

Transform any smooth, interior OR exterior surface? The truth is these are just a few of the 950 different options you have with 3M DI-NOC films for rapid resurfacing!

Steps to a Fast, Environmentally Friendly Upgrade to Your Business Interior

First, contact us here at tintandsurfaces.com.

We’re 3M premier installers, have decades of experience, AND offer professional interior designs and graphic design. Certified installers ready to transform your project.

WE control the process from beginning to end, so that you will have your project executed by the best in the industry.

Next, start prioritizing what you want to do FIRST. Doors? Elevators? Hallway walls? Imagine a finish that is consistent no matter the substrate.

You should insist on DI-NOC™ Architectural Finishes because it is lightweight and self-adhering, and can be applied on-site to the existing substrate. That reduces labor and material costs compared to natural materials.

Use this product for both renovations or new construction!

Brandie K. Adams, NCIDQ
VP Sales & Marketing
Tint by Masters Gulf Coast

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